Tony Kilvington (South Australia)

Tony Kilvington Inductee #5

Tony began his love of the Mustang when his Dad and Mum (Rod and Lorraine Kilvington) purchased a 1965 Red Hardtop in 1972. Tony and his brother Nick helped their Dad get the Mustang in running order at home and when Tony started work at the Highways Department in 1974, his mates had a variety of Australian made muscle cars like Ford Falcon GTHO’s, Torana XU-1’s, Monaro’s, and Valiant Charger’s that he admired.

When Tony’s Dad and Mum started the Mustang Owners Club of SA (MOCSA) in May 1976, the Kilvington household had 3 Mustangs in the stable – Rod’s 1965 Red Hardtop 289, Lorraine’s 1965 Yellow Hardtop 200 and his brother Nick had a 1966 Monza Red Fastback GT 289. In September 1976, Tony purchased his 1970 Medium Blue Metallic Boss 302 SportsRoof from Bruce Armstrong in Waikerie and that was the start of his career in the Mustang family. His girlfriend at the time was Trish and they married in 1978 and Tony was involved in the MOCSA Committee and that blossomed into an outstanding career with the Mustang movement across Australia.

Tony was always available to help people enjoy life and when his parents Rod and Lorraine went to manage the new campground at Yulara Ayers Rock Northern Territory in 1983 – 1988, Tony stepped up to continue the legacy of his parents to maintain the SA Club to the best of his ability.

Tony’s passion for the Mustang continued to grow with his involvement on the SA Committee and the Mustang Owners Club Australia (MOCA) Committee expanding across several roles and coupled with his work in the Public Service and family which welcomed children Josh and Alicia to the Kilvington household, life was full on.

Tony’s record keeping was special and his interest in establishing the history of the SA Club and the creation of the Club Registry which recorded all members and details of their Mustangs (VIN and Data Plate/Label) upon joining the SA Club since 1976 has been a wonderful acquisition for the members and Club. This enthusiasm to establish records of the past happenings led to his title as Club Historian for the SA Club and MOCA where he has researched the History of the Mustang Owners Club in each State of Australia, which is now documented on the Club History page for each State, and he has recorded Delegates, Concours Entrants and Trophy recipients at National events, State Committees, Judging Panels and Host State Concours Venues since 1974. These details are significant to the Mustang movement across Australia and provides information that will live on forever.

Tony has also provided advice to all States on changes to their Constitution to ensure consistency across Australia and that the changes made are in line with each State’s Government Authority standards.

Since 1981, Tony and Trish together with their children Josh and Alicia have ventured interstate to National Concours events in their 1970 Blue Boss 302 and been part of the SA convoy of Mustangs travelling for the Easter weekend to meet up with their Mustang family. It has been exciting times and to travel across Australia has been an experience they have all enjoyed.

Tony did win some awards over the years with his 1970 Blue Boss 302:

  • 1977 Concours SA & VIC entrants – Most Improved Award at Keswick SA
  • 1980 Concours SA & VIC entrants – Best Engine Bay: Open Class at Doncaster VIC
  • 2003 Nationals – Long Distance Travelled Award at Penrith NSW
  • 2004 Nationals – Original Class Bronze Award at Bendigo VIC
  • 2005 Nationals – Original Class Silver Award at Glenelg SA

…. but has mostly been involved in judging at all National Concours events.

Tony has been involved in organising MOCA National/Concours in SA since 1985 and has assisted other State Club’s in organising National events by producing a document outlining all the activities to be considered in organizing of Mustang events.

In 2009, Tony bought a 1968 Tahoe Turquoise Hardtop 289 LHD from the US and restored the car to roadworthy conditions and sold it to a SA member who still owns it.

Tony was instrumental in working with Daniel Comley (Cloudmesh owner and developer) to establish the SA website on a new platform with Cloudmesh in 2018 and in October 2019 presented to the National Body the option of designing the navigation and architecture of the MOCA website within the Cloudmesh environment with links to each State, the MOCA Forum, Shelby Registry, Boss Registry and Mustang Models. All States agreed with the new website environment in Cloudmesh and it is a very popular site for members today.

Tony’s induction into the MOCA Hall of Fame has demonstrated a history of outstanding, extended, sustained service, achievement, and commitment to the advancement of the Mustang movement across Australia.

Tony’s legacy will be one of leadership, organisational skills, and involving everyone in the success of events he arranges, a complete finisher and an achiever of creating a pathway for the next generation to maintain the standards he has established in the Mustang movement.

It was with great pleasure that the MOCA National Body welcomes Tony Kilvington (SA) as the 5th inductee into the Mustang Owners Club Australia Hall of Fame at the 2023 Mustang Nationals in Adelaide on Easter Sunday 9th April.


MOCA National acknowledgements

  • Established the “Mustang Owners Club Australia (MOCA) Hall of Fame” in recognition of outstanding achievements by members in 2009.
  • Club Historian.
  • Instrumental in the research of the History of the Mustang Owners Club in each State of Australia.
  • Creator and custodian of MOCA National records covering Delegates, Concours Entrants and Trophy recipients, Judging Panels, Host State Concours Venues and State Committees since 1974.
  • Member of the MOCA Judging Panel since 1981.
  • MOCA Vice President 1982 – 1984.
  • MOCA Assistant Secretary/Treasurer 1984 – 1986.
  • MOCA Public Officer 1994 ongoing.
  • MOCA Secretary/Treasurer 2004 – 2014.
  • MOCA Treasurer 2016 – 2024.
  • Instrumental in the upkeep of the MOCA Constitution and MOCA State based Constitutions.
  • Author of the MOCA Checklist outlining all the activities to be considered in organizing of Mustang events.
  • Author of the criteria and judging sheets for the Resto Mod Class for Mustangs entering MOCA events from 2020.
  • Instrumental in the upkeep of National Display Class Judging sheets.
  • Coordinated the Car Lottery in the lead up to the 2020 Mustang Nationals in SA raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation and MOCA State Clubs Community activities.

Mustang Owners Club of SA (MOCSA) acknowledgements

  • Member of the Mustang Owners Club of SA (MOCSA) September 1976 upon purchasing his 1970 Blue Boss 302 which he still has today under membership #43.
  • MOCSA Committee 1979 – 1980, 1985 – 1993.
  • MOCSA Assistant Social Secretary 1979 – 80.
  • MOCSA Social Secretary 1980 – 82, 1984 – 85, 1993 – 1996.
  • MOCSA National Delegate 1980 – 1985, 2004 – 2023.
  • Tony was part of the SA team with wife Trish and led by Rod and Lorraine Kilvington and Frank and Rita Johns in organizing the inaugural MOCA Concours event in 1981 at Swan Hill VIC where all mainland Australian States/Territories were represented for the first time.
  • MOCSA National Concours Committee – since 1981.
  • MOCSA President 1982 – 1984.
  • MOCSA National Concours Director 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2015, 2020, 2023.
  • MOCSA Public Officer 1993 ongoing.
  • Awarded Life Membership of MOCSA in 1994.
  • MOCSA Secretary/Treasurer 1996 – 2023.
  • Received a Service Year Badge for 45 years of service to MOCSA 2021.
  • Instrumental in the upkeep of the MOCSA Constitution.
  • Creator and custodian of the Club Registry recording all members and details (VIN and Data Plate/Label) of their Mustang(s) upon joining MOCSA since 1976.

Tony Kilvington's Mustang.