Rod Kilvington (South Australia)

Rod Kilvington

The Mustang Owners Club of SA was the brainchild of Rod Kilvington who in 1975 went searching for other Mustang enthusiasts keen on establishing a Club in Adelaide. After purchasing a 1965 Red Hardtop in 1972 which he still has today, Rod and Lorraine ventured to Victoria on a number of occasions and eventually became good friends with Kevin and Josie Musgrave.

With the Victorian Mustang Owners Club becoming a reality in 1974, Rod and Lorraine, with support from Kevin and Josie, commenced their Mustang journey by placing an ad in the local paper seeking Mustang owners who might be interested in forming a club. Before too long, Mustang enthusiasts were knocking at Rod and Lorraine’s door wanting to be involved and this enthusiasm for something American back in those days although unique at the time, has turned out to be a life style for Rod which has spanned 37 years. From these humble beginnings, spawned the formation of the Club on Wednesday night 19th May 1976, at the Wayville Institute Bartley Crescent Wayville.

Lorraine supplied the supper and the Committee was elected with Rod being the inaugural President of the Mustang Owners Club of SA. From this point onwards, Rod has devoted all his energies to people interested in Mustangs, whether it be for some advice on parts, full restorations, from tinkering on Mustangs to rebuilding them, from working on Committee’s to being Head Judge at National events, Rod has always been a wealth of knowledge in the Mustang marque.

Rod commenced Pony Parts in the late 1970’s and whilst in the first 10 years he ran the business part-time from home, he realised that he couldn’t devote time to his passion in cars, have time for the family and also hold down a full-time job. So his decision was made and he told his boss he was out of here!!!!

Rod worked closely with Kevin Musgrave in the early years to establish a Mustang Club in each State and often would travel interstate with Lorraine to meet with those interested in getting their Club underway. In 1978, the Mustang Owners Club Australia became a reality and with the assistance of SA Life member Frank Johns now deceased, a constitution was prepared and an incorporated body registered. From that point onwards there was no looking back.

Over the past 34 years, Rod has been a guiding light to Mustangers in SA and has gained the respect of people far and wide when they need some information on Mustang parts and accessories.

Rod’s legacy will not only be as the founder of the Mustang Owners Club of SA, but his great passion for the cause, his generosity towards Mustang enthusiasts, and his ability to create a family and fun times where the common interest is and always will be the Mustang.

Rod passed away on Wednesday 28 January 2015, aged 80 years and is survived by his children Tony, Nick and Joanne.

Rod’s achievements are:

Founder of the Mustang Owners Club of SA 1976
Inaugural MOCSA President 1976–1981
MOCSA National Delegate 1980–84, 1987-2005
MOCSA Editor 1976-1981
Life Member of the Mustang Owners Club of SA July 1983
MOCSA Vehicle Dating Officer Since 1997
Inaugural MOCA Secretary/Treasurer 1981-1984
MOCA Vice President 1992-2000
MOCA Head Judge Panel (SA representative) Since 1983
Member Classic Mustang Association International Missouri USA 1977

It was with great pleasure that the National Body welcomes Rod Kilvington (SA) as the 2nd inductee into the Mustang Owners Club Australia Hall of Fame at the 2010 Mustang Nationals in Adelaide on Easter Sunday 4th April.