Shelby 1969


Carroll Shelby terminated his agreement with Ford in the summer of 1969. The GT350 and GT500 for the 1969–70 model years received extensive face lifts, the body alone increasing in length by 4 inches (100 mm). Ford was heavily involved with design and style decisions, with Shelby having very little input.

The 1969-70 Shelby Mustang represents the evolution of Mustang from both Shelby and Ford.  In 1969, the production Ford Mustang was redesigned and many special models were made by Ford themselves which mimicked Shelby upgrades.  These cars did not stop Shelby from moving forward with his 69 Mustang, but marked 2bthe end of the Ford-Shelby relationship.

Shelby was focused on their road going products such as the 500 GT.  Production R-code Mustangs in from 1968 forward featured the new 428 Cobra Jet engine having 280 hp.  Along with the package came front disc brakes and a functional ram-air scoop.  The 1969 Shelby’s styling remained distinctive but was busier, with a big loop bumper/grille, scoops and ducts everywhere, and reflects tape stripes midway up the clanks.

This car, one of the 335 convertibles out of total 1969-1970 production, has 1969-Shelby-GT-500bonly 13,250 original miles and is equipped with automatic transmission, GT equipment group, power steering, power brakes, tilt steering, factory air conditioning, AM-FM 8-track stereo radio, tachometer & trip odometer.

Manufactured in Dearborn (the Southfield Plant) on March 13, 1969, and then shipped to the Shelby Automotives Iona, Michigan plant for finishing.  Shelby’s were fitted with fiberglass hoods and front fenders and rear deck lid, front and rear scoops (for brake cooling) and a dual 1bexhaust system.

This Shelby Mustang GT 500 is one of 1536 made and has some very special features.  It is one of 192 ‘SCJ’ (Super Cobra Jet) Drag Pack cars built in 1969.  The engine horsepower is rated at 335 (advertised) close to 400 (actual) horsepower (for insurance purposes) from a 428 cubic-inch block.  This car is equipped with a 4-speed transmission, 3.91 Trac Lock rear-end, 428 SCJ V8 engine, 10.5 to one compression.  This engine was made to withstand the high RPM’s of drag racing.