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I asked the service agent if any recalls were done or any outstanding. No recalls were done on the car since 2015 and nothing outstanding for it too. Is there a website where you can verify myself? (ie, with Jeep, you can use the VIN number, and you can check online for any outstanding work)
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: 65 Mustang Track issue
« Last post by Tulls on Today at 08:49:41 PM »
Thanks Dwayne for your input.  I did not think of having the boss machined down.  I will see if I can borrow some rims to get it passed and then look at getting the rims machined if possible.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: 1972 Mach 1
« Last post by Cadd on Today at 08:08:35 PM »
Yes it certainly is a mine field out there took my time finding the right 71 Mach 1 I have it has rewarded me with 6 years of no issues and pleasurable driving . For sure itís not immaculate  showroom but a very solid car and thatís the way I like it . Am on the Gold Coast so if you need a hand looking  or need some ideas or information donít hesitate to ask.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: 1972 Mach 1
« Last post by Ingallman75 on Today at 05:26:16 PM »
Thanks for all the advice everyone. I will take my time and check the vehicle thoroughly. Cheers 👍
Not unusual for a car purporting to be the Dealer Principal's car not having the recalls done. Bought one which was 5 months old. Supposedly the dealer principal's wife's car. When I got it back home and it went in for the first service for me, it had 3 recalls that had not been done. Showed me why we all should check these things. Once the recall has been done they are meant to place a sticker showing the recall has been done. In my case it was put by the dealer who actually carried the recall out on the body next to the driver's door hinge.
Mustang Chat Room / SuperCheap Auto sale - Bowden's products
« Last post by scollist on Today at 12:04:29 PM »
FYI SuperCheap have some good Bowden's products on sale

- Snow Blow Canon - $59 instead of $99
- Big Green Sucker - $24 instead of $40
plus other products

Might only be available today as part of the 20% to %50 off today.
Makes you wonder why it was not done by the dealer. Mine was subject to the recall and described as the battery harness upgrade 15S40, part number SRCC16D128B, done in March 2017. Covered under warranty.
Mustang Chat Room / Edelbrock Tuning Guide
« Last post by Chris66pny on Today at 11:20:14 AM »
Hi All,

Fairly new to the site and mustangs. I've always wanted one and finally bit the bullet about 12 months ago buying a 66 coupe, since then I've been fixing/tinkering to make it perform a bit better. One thing i did notice very early on was the lack of detailed information around tuning Edelbrock carbs. I know a lot of people prefer Holley but i got a great deal on an Edelbrock performer 1406 carb so i decided to use it.

After using the Edlebrock tuning guide i found it fairly frustrating in the lack of fine tune-ability with jet and rod combos. So I transposed all the rod and jet details from the 1406 and 1405 into an excel doc and created master Calibration chart similar to the standard Edelbrock one, but instead of only 25 combinations of rod and jets i get 98 combos!

I've attached a copy for anyone else that's interested, this has allowed me to get the perfect combination for my car and couldn't be happier with the response and performance.

Just some quick notes:
  • This chart is for the rod/jet combos in an Edlebrock performer 1405 and 1406 only.
  • The reference numbers on my chart don't match the Edlebrock numbers, please use the reference numbers I've attached.
  • There are several columns that are used to calculate the final jetting area in power/cruise mode, these can be ignored and the first 3 columns used for ref, rod and jet numbers.
  • I haven't put in 'x' stages richer/leaner grid lines like in the Edelbrock calibration chart, the intention of my chart is to see what combos are richer/leaner without placing a percentage change on them.

Hopefully some of you find this as helpful as i have.

Hi Martin. There was this recall for Mustangs possibly in your build date.

I wouldn't be worried once it is fixed though.
Plenty of them around without problems.
Good morning all. First post here. I want to find out if anybody had a similar issue to what I'm having.

In December 2019 (less than a month ago) I bought a 2015 Mustang GT convertible (S550) from a Ford dealership in Armidale. It was the dealer principles own car, and had around 11k km, and visually in really good condition. The owner really looked after the car and looked brand new.

After my drive home to Sydney (around 2 days after the purchase), the 'Check Engine Light' came on. I've got one of those Bluetooth OBD scanners, and the error code was P0152 (O2 sensor).

At first, I cleared the code to see if it comes back, and almost immediately after I cleared the code, the computer would warn that it's in a pending state, and after a couple of start cycles, will confirm the error code, and the check engine light will come on again.

This car is under warranty, so after the first two visits back to the dealership, the car was booked in for replacement of the O2 sensor. That arvo when I picked up the car, check engine light was on again. The car has gone back now for the fourth time, and this time around, the inspection revealed that the engine wiring harness melted and the whole thing needs to be replaced. The car is currently at the ford dealership in castle hill and will take a week to replace the harness.

Has anybody experienced or heard of something similar to my issue? I am however losing faith in the long term reliability of the car now. The positive experience for me is the way both dealerships are treating me. Very helpful and with respect, which I appreciate.

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