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Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Export brace
« Last post by fredm666 on Today at 08:24:46 PM »
Same here.
Fitted easily in my Ď64 coupe after jacking up the car a little bit. Old braces removed, just the end is still there underneath the new one.
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Engine rebuild
« Last post by Reborn67 on Today at 08:13:05 PM »
Discovered a part number and starting to wonder if this is original, Shouldínt a Mustang part have a Z in it? O is Fairlane or Torino isnít it???
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Export brace
« Last post by 67FBGT on Today at 08:10:54 PM »
Ditto what Dwayne says.
The trick I learnt with both my cars, when installing or removing the export brace, is to jack the front up and place stands under the chassis rails about in line with the bulkhead so that the front end with the weight of the motor is cantilevered and hangs forward. By next day I'd have just that little bit of added clearance due to sag that I wouldn't scrape the paint on the front of the plenum adjacent where the 4 large brace bolts are.

But if the shock towers have moved inwards over time, common on high mileage cars, then the trick is to jack them apart again as the export brace being a fixed shape with limited clearances at bolt locations won't drop into place otherwise.
A worthwhile mod though.
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Engine rebuild
« Last post by SMH00N on Today at 07:55:18 PM »
Can't comment on the dipstick, but K&N filters are virtually the same price as Ryco. Maybe I believe their hype but they are all I use on all my cars.
I have MSD 8579 distributor, 6AL box and HVC coil. Very happy with it but if I went again I'd probably go ICE. They seem to be pretty good and back their stuff if it fails.
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Engine rebuild
« Last post by Reborn67 on Today at 07:05:29 PM »
Does actually fit together quite well,
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Engine rebuild
« Last post by Reborn67 on Today at 07:02:02 PM »
Quick question regarding dipstick to the knowledgeable,
It appears there is a groove to allow for an O ring at the stop of the stick, which is probably long gone, is that the case, also have searched for images and most appear to have a collar that fits over the tube, build date is Jan 67, not going concourse but wondering if it has been swapped? Any thoughts..,
Mustang Chat Room / Squeaky Front Suspension - 2020 GT
« Last post by Trubble_Maker on Today at 05:37:07 PM »
Hi Folks,
I picked up my brand new Mustang about 3 weeks ago, I'm absolutely in love as I'm sure you all are too with these machines.

I have however a squealy front left hand suspension/strut. It's quite annoying like the noise you would hear when towing a trailer and you hear the hitch squeak over bumps etc.
Anyway I took it in and they replaced Left Hand Front Strut and top mount. The noise was gone for about a day and now it's back. I have to take it back in next week for a 3 day visit. 

My question here after my little back story, has anyone else experienced this?
I did some searching around and couldn't see anything specific in the forum.

Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Export brace
« Last post by Dwayne on Today at 04:55:30 PM »
Definitely worth fitting and removing the old sections is a personal choice.

Fitting is usually only a challenge if your shock towers have 'collapsed' in. Putting the car up on jack stands overnight is often enough to open them back up again to get the brace fitted.

Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Export brace
« Last post by ag71 on Today at 04:33:30 PM »
Hi all am thinking of fitting a Drake chrome export brace on my '66 coupe just wondering if anyone else has fitted these and did you cut off the existing metal pieces off the
shock towers or simply just fit the new brace straight over the top and hide it underneath ?
Have been informed sometimes they are a bugger to fit as well.

I will probably get some chrome shock tower caps to match as well.

Anyone got any pics they can post of their setups ?

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