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Very interested in this one. My 351C has a similar problem. If I start it once a week it is fine. Leave it much more than that and it takes a lots of cranking. A month and it will nearly flatten the battery.
I was told it could be syphoning back to the tank over time so I fitted an electric fuel shutoff valve which made no difference.
Now thinking of an electric fuel pump. Just not sure whether to replace the mechanical pump or add an electric one in series.
It's a problem that I have with my early Honda motorcycles which have vented carbies. They only have to sit for about 3 weeks for the volatiles in the fuel to evaporate. As soon as I drain them and crank new fuel in they fire up straight away. Modern fuel is crap.
3 or 4 weeks. Varies but can be very hard to start. Chasing what appears too be a leak from the accelerator pump just noticed. But was wondering whether the front bowl is expected to evaporate the fuel with the old style vent system if the car is not used much?
I think i have a couple of things going on making it hard to start
My car is very hard to start after being in the garage for a time and it seems the primary is empty.

how long of a time?

how long does it take to start?

Must Sell. Open to serious offers.

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I had the same problem on my 65 with the Autolite 4100 carb.  When the carb was rebuilt still had the same problem. But when putting it back together the guy who helped me with it noticed that the fuel pump was very weak - almost no fuel movement at starter crank speed.  I replaced the fuel-pump with a new carter and never had the problem since.  If it has been sitting for about a month it will start on about the 6th crank. Then starts first time every time until it has been sitting for a long period again.

So check / refurb / renew the fuel pump and you should be good.
Hmm I would check the accelerator pump under neath is not leaking and check that the power valve is not leaking also . I just turn  the engine over and pump the gas pedal till mine starts .
This might come across as a dumb question but on both my cars the Holley primary has a direct vapour vent to the atmosphere and this vent is designed to be open at idle or close to idle and closed when the throttle plates are wide open.
What stops the fuel in the primary evaporating when the car is parked for any length of time ?
A good description of the vent operation is in this manual on page 9D-10 for anyone not familiar.
My car is very hard to start after being in the garage for a time and it seems the primary is empty.

Mustang Chat Room / Re: 6 cylinder to v8 conversion
« Last post by Swans on September 17, 2018, 02:58:39 PM »
Thanks, car is in the Frankston area. Iím having a look Saturday
Tech Torque Pre 1973 / Re: Distributor Gear ?
« Last post by shaunp on September 17, 2018, 01:15:00 PM »
Barney the engine has not been fitted in yet I'm thinking 10w40 semi synthetic and I may look at the dissy gear that was on the block originally off EL falcon with roller cam. Thanks for the tip Fitzy i' fly you up here to do your work.

Factory Bosch one will be steel
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