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General Chat Room / Re: 2009-2012 Shelby GT 500 Questions
« Last post by Gone65 on Yesterday at 10:20:04 PM »
Looks like your brother made a bad decision about converting a car prior to new model Mustangs being imported to Australia.
If your looking for an investment as a car look at any limited edition performance model.Yep that includes your brothers former car it was one of 2000 world wide Shelby convertibles.Low mile (2011) Shelby verts have gone up in the US over the last 6 months after bottoming out.Looks like your brother sold his not so Shelby a tad early in my opinion.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Bullitt
« Last post by mwizz on Yesterday at 09:59:55 PM »
Well done Frank.
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Bullitt
« Last post by bank1957 on Yesterday at 09:48:37 PM »
Placed my Bullitt order on Monday 20 April, thinking I may have missed he boat.

But as luck would have it he Ford dealer sent me this email today

"I have some great news.
You have been allocated a BULLIT Mustang!
You were one of the last orders to receive a vehicle, very lucky!
As you are one of the last orders, the estimated arrival is June 2019 at this stage.
The factory are currently preparing for production, and they have just release a factory option.
RECARO leather bucket seats available for $3,300. Picture attached

Tech Torque 1979 to 2014 / Re: Headlight Conversion LHD
« Last post by gstsaver on Yesterday at 09:30:21 PM »
Thanks everyone.  Good tips on checking NZ and Japan.  The VIC Vast guys won't accept just adjustments no matter how good they want new lights.
I will look at Japan for these headlights - haven't thought of that.  The USA ebay ones can't be adjusted - I contacted the resellers and the manufactures of a couple.
Even the headlight repair guys in Melbourne say they can't fix them so they will be RHD.

@Ausfox- did your 91 have torso belts already in that year or did you have to install them ?
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Bullitt
« Last post by mwizz on Yesterday at 09:07:18 PM »
Mate just got confirmation his bullitt arrives in November

Do you know the price?
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Lloyds auctions mustang parts
« Last post by mwizz on Yesterday at 09:02:39 PM »
Thanks for the heads up
OK so that settles that for NSW I suppose.
What is the story here in QLD then? I have the stock taillights in my '67, (with an LED taillight kit from Custom Mustangs, as I thought brighter would be safer.) Should I now be installing a '67/68 amber taillamp kit?
Cars For Sale By Private Sellers / Re: 69 Convertable for sale
« Last post by 69_stang on Yesterday at 04:34:31 PM »
thanks Unilec,, Done that so if anyone looking for a 69 convertible, go to car sales and punch in Mustang convertible.....

Cheers Stang
Mustang Chat Room / Re: Lloyds auctions mustang parts
« Last post by jiffy on Yesterday at 03:48:00 PM »
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