Wiring a 5-pin eBay push button and momentary switch, DRL's and an electric fan

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Author Topic: Wiring a 5-pin eBay push button and momentary switch, DRL's and an electric fan  (Read 17 times)

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I wrote up the attached article after playing with my old 66 Mustang and wiring in switches for the centre console, DRL's and a momentary switch to kill the starter and fuel pump to reduce theft and even wiring a fan relay.

There are some great $10 switches on eBay which have different logos on them that light up for driving lights, fan etc, but they can be tricky to wire as they have 5 pins and built in LEDs.

I highly recommend buying the ones with the plug prewired with 5 wires, otherwise you will have to solder them and then they are permanently fixed in so you cannot remove the panel. With the plug, you can just unplug them and the plug will fit through the switch hole.

Be aware, they come with different colour wires, there doesn't seem to be a standard when it comes to Chinese and the wiring of switches and gauges. Black and blue can be earth or sender signal, black can be power, etc. I recently bought some Chinese gauges where the sender wire was black and earth was blue. Go figure?

The document attached will help you if you want to wire up the switch for power and have the switch light up ie: driving lights. It will also help if you want to have a switch that will over-ride the earth on an extra fan you have added. There are multiple uses for these switches but this will get you going.

I've also added a bit on a momentary switch with relays if you want to set one up to isolate the fuel pump or starter to protect an old car so whenever you start it the pump or starter only starts when you press a hidden switch.

Hope this provides some useful info.

Broken up into 4 pictures below or download the pdf at the bottom.

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