Now you've finished your Restomod.

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Author Topic: Now you've finished your Restomod.  (Read 139 times)

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Now you've finished your Restomod.
« on: Yesterday at 12:22:51 AM »
Congratulations you've finished your Restomod.

It's taken you months, years of planning, gathering enough money, sanding, grinding, fitting, machining, welding, getting busted knuckles etc.

Now you sit down, sit back and enjoy it!

But is it the car you want now! Would you have done something different?

I have and guess what, it evolved, rolling along costing my wife extreme amounts of money and I look back and wonder is this the car I intended,  I made my car into a hot rod, It sure gets lots of lookers and I like that, It goes like hell, I like that, but I can't  do that, it sounds great and gets a lot of lookers, I like that, but it's a bit stiff, It's a bit uncomfortable, need to be gentle with it, I can't drive it as much as I'd like to, it seems a waste.

Even though you have finished your Restomod you are looking for the next mod and it seems never endless!

It seems now I only wanted a cruiser that I could drive every day.

Is it worth it, Bloody oath! I'll just drive my wife's car.

Cheers and good restomoding.
I wish you the best of happiness!


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Re: Now you've finished your Restomod.
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 12:04:13 PM »
Some good points. I concur.
Although my 67 FB is probably more of a 'restomod' in looks (Shelby style panels, scoops etc) than mechanicals as it's relatively stock underneath.
It took me 9 years after buying the much stripped rolling shell project to get the car on the road albeit a bit unfinished in some areas. Excuse? Well, I had another, functioning, Mustang at the time. But that's all 15yrs ago now.

Do I like driving it? Well, not that much. It runs fine. It was a bit hard-riding so I've softened that a bit. But it's LHD and a FB so all round visibility isn't great and I can't relax when driving it. So I haven't driven it much. My old AU Falcon wagon is far more convenient especially with taking the kids places and suits my needs just fine.

My FB's main purpose is as a garage queen to tinker with, when I find time. A never-quite-finished project. I still find things to do, tweak this, adjust that, change out many of the used parts I originally used with shiny new parts given they are so much more readily available than back then.
It's future? Unknown. Like so many people I'm just sitting tight to weather out the crazy situation we're all currently faced with. And grateful I rescued it in the first place as I just enjoy having it and all that goes with classic car ownership.
My 2c worth anyway.
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Re: Now you've finished your Restomod.
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 03:40:04 PM »
You make some very valid points there.

When we started the journey over 20 years ago, we decided that we would build a car that was sound, looked good, and could be driven long distances. We ended up with a mild 289, extractors, 4 barrel, gas shocks and 15 inch wheels.

It has now done in the order of, 2 trips to QLD, 6 to SA, 3 to NSW and lots around Victoria.

It still looks great (we did a bare metal 2 pak in 1998), get lots of lookers and is comfortable to drive.

Whatever you build, enjoy the ride and the attention.


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