RMNS log book could end soon.

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Author Topic: RMNS log book could end soon.  (Read 898 times)

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RMNS log book could end soon.
« on: June 14, 2019, 10:20:05 PM »
OK Folks, lets make this a bit more interesting, this is the log book questions from the RMS as to see if they close it or change it. only clubs can answer it as they had the idea to let owners but then changed it  NSW only on this.

The RMS is undertaking a review of the Classic Vehicle Log Book Trial. Clubs are able to have
input into the review in two ways, through a survey and/or by participation in Focus Group
The survey is designed to collect feedback from RMS recognised Historic Vehicle clubs and
Classic Vehicle Scheme Approved Organisations that are participating in the Log Book Trial. Clubs
are asked to collate feedback from members and submit ONE response per club.
The objective of this survey is to identify:
1. Stakeholder experience with the use of the log book.
2. Whether stakeholders support the log book being made a permanent feature of the Historic
and Classic Vehicle Scheme.
3. Any safety risks associated with the additional road access enabled by the log book trial
and how these should be mitigated.
4. Whether there are appropriate compliance and enforcement measures in place to identify
misuse/non-compliance of the log book
Survey Questions:
1. Please provide the name of your Club
2. How would your members rate the experience with RMS through Service NSW when
obtaining or renewing a log book and responsiveness to questions/concerns relating to the
log book trial? (1-5)
3. Why did you provide this rating? What could be improved?
4. Has your club experienced additional administrative burden as a result of the log book trial?
5. Please provide further information regarding this administrative burden.
6. Has there been an increased interest in club membership since the log book trial
7. Has your club membership grown as a result?
8. Please provide further information regarding club membership levels.
9. Is there a need to enhance eligibility and compliance of the Historic and Classic Vehicle
Log Book Trial to deter misuse?
10. What additional actions can be taken by RMS to enhance the Historic and Classic Vehicle
Log Book Trial and prevent misuse?
11. Have your members had any difficulty complying with conditions or using the log book?
12. Please provide further information regarding the difficulties experienced.
13. Has communication from RMS to update clubs on the status of the log book trial been
14. How could RMS manage this better? (i.e. email, forums, surveys, mail)
15. How easy has it been to manage the physical log book?
16. Please provide your reasons for this rating.
17. Would a digital or other option be preferred? (e.g. a mobile app)
18. Should Roads and Maritime Services make the log book trial a permanent option?
19. Why? What alternatives could be considered?
20. Please select all registration types that apply to your club:
21. If you selected other, please indicate the type of vehicle:
22. Where is your club based? (Metro is considered Newcastle to Wollongong to Katoomba)
23. Are you happy to participate in further RMS questionnaires or to be contacted further
regarding the Historical and Classic Vehicle Schemes?


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