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Possible Transmission Issue - knocking noise
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:07:42 PM »
Hi all,

I have an MY17 GT Mustang with an auto transmission. I have a strange sound that i think is coming from the transmission. It is a metalic pinging/rattle/knocking sound. It almost sounds like an engine knock but the sound appears to be coming from under the car and not the engine.

The sound is most noticeable when the engine is under load, in sport mode 2nd gear starting at about 2250rpm until 3000rpm (when the car changes to 3rd gear) going up a winding road. In this driving condition you can hear it until the car changes gears. It is also noticable in 3rd gear at around the same rpm range.
In normal driving on a flat road you can hear it for a split second if you give the car a boot at around 2250rpm.

I have had the dealer look at it 4 times now, when i first went in i thought it was engine knock, however the dealer test drove it on a flat city street and told me there was no sound. I insisted on further investigation and the dealer re flashed the computer, checked the diagnostics and told me to only run 98 fuel. I advised them the car has only ever had 98 fuel used.

I got another person to drive the car and they also noticed the noise and said it may be the transmission.  After pushing the dealer, they came for a short test drive and noticed the noise for a split second in normal road. The dealer told me it is normal and not to worry.

During a drive today the sound was very noticeable. To me a car should not sound that way.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue to this?  Any advice for a possible cause as the dealer seams uninterested in investigation further.


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