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Re: Prostate Cancer - My Experience
« Reply #75 on: November 03, 2019, 12:51:31 PM »
do you want to enjoy fishing with your sons
do you want to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day
do you want to enjoy playing & watching your Grandchildren grow up
do you want to enjoy your retirement with your wife or partner

Not particularly though a wife/partner would be desirable.

I'm happily single, can't see myself with kids so will unlikely 'enjoy' any of the above but I do want to live a healthy lifestyle in my older years and hope to be healthy enough with good eyesight and reflexes to still be driving.

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Re: Prostate Cancer - My Experience
« Reply #76 on: November 18, 2020, 05:19:12 PM »
Just an update on my experience & Especially to keep this topic ALIVE & a REMINDER if you haven't done anything yet about monitoring your prostate health to PLEASE start.I have had 2 more consultations & PSA results have not changed since 2.11.2019 with my readings at >.008 which again is the lowest that the machine can detect which was great news.My next consultation in now going to be in 12 months time.It is very important to keep monitoring your PSA after having your prostate removed. My bladder control has improved (about 90%) & I am still going to the Mater Hospital 3 times a week & sitting on a magnetic wave chair for 20 minutes a session (been doing this for 24 months).I had my Hernia opperated on twice once in January 2020 then it returned so had another opperation in September 2020.Then was opened up again due to a bacterial infection in the mesh,so mesh was removed & have a 5 inch open incision with padding inserted into it & pump attached,I have been in opperating theater 7 times (once a week and over night stay in hospital) to have internal area cleaned out dressing replaced & pump reattached.The surgeon cannot stitch up the incison until the void is closed.The only good thing is that the infection has gone,so each monday I will return to hospital until it can be stitched up.Not much progress on my 1970 Coupe rebuild this year but the positive is that I am still alive thanks to my PSA monitoring from years ago.  I hope that everyone that have had op's are well on the road to full recovery.And hope to hear their progress.We are very very fortunate to be alive,unlike the other approx 70 men (Husbands,Fathers,Grandfathers,Uncles,Mates etc) that pass away EVERY WEEK in Australia from Prostate Cancer.Please keep spreading the word about Men's Health & help possibly in saving someones life as well as your own.Regards Phil
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Re: Prostate Cancer - My Experience
« Reply #77 on: November 18, 2020, 05:51:23 PM »
Great to hear you're continuing to improve Phil, and certainly a thread to keep alive (and help us also stay alive!)

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Re: Prostate Cancer - My Experience
« Reply #78 on: November 18, 2020, 06:13:16 PM »
Thank you everyone who has shared in this thread. You have opened my eyes to this issue I was not aware of was so common. I have just turned 40 this year and will make sure I get checked next doctors visit for the first time.


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