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RHD Survey for modified vehicle on club plates
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:06:59 AM »
Many of you may not know yet but the clubs in NSW have been asked for a survey of any imported LHD cars that have been converted to RHD.  read below.
    Survey:                 Left to Right hand conversions

ACMC is still working with RMS in an effort to achieve a satisfactory decision on just which converted vehicles could be made eligible for Historic Vehicle Scheme registration. RMS has requested an estimate of the numbers of vehicles affected.

It would help if you could give me an early reply with a rough count of the converted vehicles in your club that are otherwise eligible for the HVS. Keep in mind that converted vehicles that have been modified in other ways as well are not eligible for the HVS so are not relevant in this survey.

These vehicles that we are trying to count fall into two groups:

Those that were converted prior to the end of 1999 during the period where vehicles had to be converted before being accepted for full registration in NSW. 

And those that have been converted since the turn of the century.

Hopefully club registrars will be able to give me useful estimates of these two numbers very quickly.

We hope to refine our preliminary estimates within the week and receive the final decision from RMS before the end of the month.


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