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Mike Maier Inc Front Suspension
« on: June 12, 2017, 10:54:10 AM »
I rebuilt the front end of the Mach1 so everything was new and strengthened the lower control arms when I rebuilt the car a year and a half ago. The plan was always to do Mike Maier Inc front suspension when I could afford it.

Well sometimes you just get stuff even though you can't afford to.....but at least I'm sticking to the plan:)

Heres some pics:

Pic of one side set up. the unpainted upper control arm is for display at Custom Cars and Coffee for the AWOL Protouring stand, the real ones going on the car are powder coated, pretty much the same colour as the engine and the rest of the little bits and pieces.

The JRI single adjustable coilovers are a Mike Maier Inc special valving internals and ooze quality

Can't wait to try them at the next ApocaLaps Autocross session here in Perth


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