Author Topic: QLD: Chassis mods - compliance with Codes of practice - fitting a mustang II IFS  (Read 2071 times)

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Hello,   :flag:

I'm seeking advice on chassis modification and complying with both the Qld and national code of practice. I wish to fit a mustang II style IFS that I will be designing and fabricating myself. Has anyone gone through this either with a kit such as a rodtech kit or castlemaine kit or even done their own? What is involved (compliance)?

What I can see, an engineers inspection is required and it's probably worth involving him/her before starting.

Any past experiences would go a long way for help. It appears not commonly done but I see a number of cars around Australia with this done.


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Easy answer - to be legal for road use an engineers certificated is required.
Indeed it is best to discuss with the engineer your plans before you start and involve him/her through all the steps - get photos of all the mods as they occur and give the option to the engineer to inspect each step as well. Working with the engineer is the only way you can make this level of changes legally.
It will be more difficult if your building from scratch rather than using a known product with history.
Good luck.

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Very good advice.
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Talk to Earl Gillcrest.


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