info needed please!!!

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info needed please!!!
« on: January 24, 2011, 10:34:45 PM »
hey all
first time on here :) just wondering if anyone out there has ever bought a 66 pony and got a rwc and registered it in qld?? and if i wanted to do work to the engine/replace it or upgrade parts of the car eg brakes wat would i need to do to get a rwc and registered?? im just wondering wat type of paperwork id need etc any info anyone has would be heaps of help
Cheers guys

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info needed please!!!
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info needed please!!!
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Cabie ,i gather you would like to import a car from the states? Join the Qld branch of the mustang owners club or drop into one of there monthly meetings before you do any importing. There are some really dodgey importers trying to sell the biggest rustbuckets to unsuspecting newbies on the forum. Be carefull and do lots of homework before you rush in. U2U me  your  number if you would like some true life stories and a heads up on buying your first car.... Cheers Rohan


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