Mustang Nationals 2010 (Glenelg, SA) Results

Winners in all Classes are listed in alphabetical order
Concours Original Class Awards
Steve & Angela Lond (VIC)
1968 Black Shelby GT350 Fastback
Vic & Bev Newland (QLD)
1969 Copper Flame Mach 1 SportsRoof CJ

Kevin Musgrave Memorial Award
for Concours Excellence in Original Class

Elevated to Thoroughbred Class
Vic & Bev Newland (QLD)
1969 Copper Flame Mach 1 SportsRoof CJ

Paul & Amanda Atkins (SA)
1964½ Silver Blue Hardtop

Bill Cant (VIC)
1966 Light Blue Fastback

Bill Cant (VIC)
1966 Dark Blue Fastback

Martin & Sue Schmidt (QLD)
1966 Sauterne Gold Convertible

Justin Carroll & Jo Ferris (SA)
1969 Blue Mach 1 SportsRoof

Dale & Mary Smith (SA)
1966 Emberglo Hardtop

Trevor & Debbie Timlin (SA)
1970 Grabber Blue Boss 302 SportsRoof

Concours Modified Class Awards

Alan & Carmen Rogers (QLD)
1969 Mineral Grey SportsRoof

Display Class Judged – Early Model (1964½ to 1998)
Top Car Award & elevated to Concours Class
Don Andreula (SA)
1966 Red/White Convertible

Display Award
Graeme & Judi Coote (WA)
1970 Sting Red Mach 1 SportsRoof

Mike & Lynette Donohue (VIC)
1965 Light Blue Convertible

Tony & Angela Ventra (SA)
1967 Ivy Green Hardtop

Russell & Sandra Whitney (QLD)
1970 Citric Acid Coupe

Angela Williams (VIC)
1966 Silver Blue Hardtop

Display Class Judged – Late Model (1999 to 2010)

Top Car Award
Neill & Helen Batchelor (ACT)
2007 Red Shelby GT500 SportsRoof

Display Award
Rex & Maureen Hall (NSW)
2002 Silver Cobra Convertible

Longest Distance Driven Award
Neville & Elizabeth Craig (Mackay QLD)
2007 Red SportsRoof