Celebrating 60 Years of Mustang

Join us in commemorating a remarkable milestone: 60 years of the Ford Mustang. From its debut in 1964 to its iconic status today, the Mustang has symbolised freedom, innovation, and the spirit of the open road. The 2025 Nationals not only celebrate the car but also the vibrant community that cherishes it.

Iconic Venue: Mount Panorama

Experience the thrill of the Mustang Nationals at the legendary Mount Panorama Circuit. Known for its challenging turns and exhilarating straightaways, Mount Panorama is not just a track; it’s a motor racing icon. At the 2025 Nationals, it becomes the backdrop for our Mustang celebration, offering an unforgettable experience for every enthusiast.

Mount Panorama

Event Highlights

Immerse yourself in a weekend filled with Mustang magic. Our line-up includes a Meet & Greet at the National Motor Racing Museum, a dazzling Semi-Formal Presentation Dinner, and an enjoyable High Tea at Abercrombie House. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the prestigious Concours Judging, showcasing some of the finest Mustangs in the country.

Experience Local Attractions

While celebrating the Mustang, explore Bathurst’s local charm. Visit the renowned National Motor Racing Museum, savour fine dining at local restaurants, and taste exquisite wines at nearby wineries. Bathurst offers a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, perfect for an extended stay.

Special Show and Shine Event

A highlight of the Nationals is our Show and Shine event. Here, Mustangs of all eras come together in a vibrant display of style and engineering. Whether you’re showcasing your own Mustang or admiring others, the Show and Shine is a celebration of the Mustang’s legacy and the passion of its community.


March 21, 2025

9am – 4pm: Friday Registration at Rydges
6pm: Meet & Greet at National Motor Racing Museum. Club Shirt theme with Entry / Canapes & Drinks

March 22, 2025

11:30am – 2pm: Lunch at Mayfield Gardens (530 Mayfield Road, Oberon). Wrap & Cake with cup of Tea or Coffee
9am – 4pm: Concours Judging at Clancy Ford Dealership (Colin Broadbent) Judging Director
6pm – 10pm: Dinner & Auction: Mustang Shirt theme above Bathurst Pits Complex with Gourmet Buffet.

March 23, 2025

11am – 3pm: High Tea for the ladies at Abercrombie House. No children due to Antiques on Display
9am – 4pm: Display Day / Show and Shine. Food Trucks will be available on site.
6pm – 10pm: Presentation Dinner: Semi-Formal with 3 course dinner at Rydges Panorama Room

Accommodation and Travel Information

Find the perfect place to stay and explore the travel options for your trip to the 2025 Mustang Nationals at Mount Panorama.

Rydges Mount Panorama Bathurst Accommodation

All Guest rooms enjoy spectacular views of the Mount Panorama Racetrack. There are 130 guest rooms all with sofa beds, offering the choice of Studio, Deluxe Guestrooms Deluxe three-bedroom apartments and a furnished balcony. Free WI-FI is available Free parking is available only for members staying at Rydges.

Getting to Mount Panorama is easy and convenient. The nearest airport is Bathurst Airport, with multiple car rental options available. For those driving, Mount Panorama is accessible via the Great Western Highway. Public transport options include regional train services to Bathurst Station and local bus services.

Book your accommodations early to secure a spot close to Mount Panorama. Check out local eateries and attractions to make the most of your stay in Bathurst.

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